Professional Dyno Tuning Services

ECU / Power Commander/ Bazzaz

Having us build a custom map built for your fuel-injected motorcycle is the only way to optimize the bikes' performance. Adding upgrades to your bike such as performance exhaust or high-flow air filters will not give your bike more power without a re-map. Most often, the bike will have less power than it did stock! The reason is the performance upgrades do exactly what they should- get more air into the engine. But, the computer is still only supplying the pre-programmed amount of fuel so the bike runs lean and looses HP. The dyno session allows us to correct the fuel curve for a perfect air/fuel ratio at every throttle position and rpm. We can (and have) map any fuel-injected bike with a Power Commander- V-Twins, sport bikes, drag racers, nitrous bikes, and turbo bikes.


New Service : Live video v 'a Internet Please eMail for more info.

Sport Bike Tuning (1 Map) = $300.00
Sport Bike Tuning (2 Map) = $375.00 (For Nitrous or Race Gas)
* With Power Commander
ECU Tuning (1 Map) = $375.00 (02-11 Hayabusa) Motor/Nitrous
ECU Tuning (2 Map) = $400.00 (02-11 Hayabusa) Motor/Nitrous
Turbo Bikes
Fuel Mapping Per PSI $400.00 with Power Commander
ECU Mapping (1 Map) = $425.00 (02-11 Hayabusa)
ECU Mapping (2 Map) = $ 450.00(02-11 Hayabusa)
Turbo Bikes with Standalones = $500.00 + $100 a Hour after 4 Hours this is for Gen II Turbo Hayabusas making over 280 HP with 3 Bar Mapping

Make sure your bike is ready for the dyno session. The bike should have a full tank of the fuel you will be running. Different fuels require different maps so be sure we don't build your map on a fuel you won't be using. It is your responsibility to make sure bike has oil, the chain is lubed, clutch plates are fresh, and the rear tire is in good condition with the proper psi